General terms and conditions

1. Address

Webshop By Le Golf National

2 avenue du golf, 78280 GUYANCOURT France

Telephones : 01 30 12 04 30

E-Mail :


2. Generalities

At the time of placing order, the customer accepts having read and accepted the general terms and conditions here below.


3. Offer

The offer is valid in the following countries and territories: Metropolitan France, Corsica, Monaco, Belgium with according varying shipping costs, delivery dates and taxes according to local laws. You can place orders in English or in French.


4. Modalities

You can order by :

E-mail :

Telephone : + 33 1 30 12 04 30

post : La Boutique en Ligne du Golf National « Le Web Shop »

2 avenue du golf, 78280 GUYANCOURT France

The price indicated on the product label at time of order is the price which will be invoiced VAT inclusive. You can print an invoice in the “my account” section. It wil be requested for all after sales services later.


5. Order recording/payment methods

Your order is placed once the payment is made and validated


6. On line payment

The payment on line via this web site is secured by « Paypal » systems. All orders placed by the customer imply fully binding acceptance of the General terms and conditions which ca not be challenged.


7. Availability of products

All on line products are available in our warehouse at time of order. If by any chance a good on sale in the webshop was unavailable or sold out, our services will call and propose a new delivery date or an equivalent product to replace your order. You wil also have the possibility to cancel your order and if payment was received be reimbursed the full amount without extra compensation.


8. Modalities for delivery

Received orders are treated within a 72h delay and expedited within the 2 following working days

The announced delivery delay begins on the date of expedition of the goods. Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays should be added on to the initial delay even though our customer services and telephone hotline are open from 9 am to 5 pm every day (except 25/12 and 1/1)

The delivery delays are variable in accordance to the type of transport chosen but should not exceed 30 days max. Please consult the “transport” section of the web site in order to obtain more precise details on delays and costs of transport.

You can follow shipping details on the website.


9. Shipping and sales outside of the EU

The “web shop” does not propose DE taxation (payment of VAT and then applying for reimbursement of that VAT once passed customs)


10. Controling the package upon delivery

When you receive your package, it is imperative to check the general aspect. All packages presenting a doubt should be opend before signing the acceptance of the goods.

Two cases present themselves:

1/ The goods are there as they should be and no damage can be seen – you can proceed and accept delivery without reserve.

2/Some products are missing or damaged. Refuse the delivery and note down on the delivery your precise reserves.

If, in spite of all , you decide to accept the delivery, we remind you that no reclaims can be accepted if you have not indicated to the delivery service a query.

The reserve written a ‘acceptance according to content’ has no lawful validity. Your reserves and comments must be precise and detailed. The precisions are capital for us to be able to counter the transport company and ask to change the product. You may even take a photograph of the problem.

If the transporter does not offer  a paper reclamation form – please photograph his electronic note pad.


11. After sales services

The products we sell come from serious and well known brands. Therefore they benefit from a commercial guarantee of the highest level.

This guarantee is subject to a normal usage of the product and we will intervene in the best possible delay to the manufacturer and with our best customer care and service.

The customer must return the production its original packaging and indicate the motif for refusal on the delivery note and the invoice. The cost of returning the goods will be covered by the Golf national Web shop.

Any damage to products through a lack of packaging will not engage the responsibility of the web shop. We therefore firmly advise to over wrap all goods in bubble paper. Any period of time where the product cannot be used for more than 7 days will be added on to the period of guarantee.

After intervention from our after sales services the return of merchandise to the customer will be covered in cost by the web shop. If in the case the products were returned for no apparent reason or without authorization – the goods will be sent back to the customer via due postage.


Before using the guarantee  or returning products the customer must contact the Golf National at the following addresses :

La Boutique en Ligne du Golf National « Le Web Shop »

2 avenue du golf, 78280 GUYANCOURT -France 

E-mail :

Telephone : + 33 1 30 12 04 30


12. Retraction/modalities for returning goods

The customer benefits from a delay of 14 days from receiving goods – to be reimbursed or products exchanged.


To return goods : write directly by e mail to


So your request may be accepted, 2 conditions must be met 

1/ write and request acceptance for  goods to be returned 

2/ Do this within 14 days after delivery


Please put the following information in your request


I/We notify that we are retracting our acceptance of the contract of purchase for the goods as follows


Name of goods/prodct:

Ordered on / received on:

Name of the customer:

Address of the customer:


According to the legal terms, we are offering you this general reclamation form as an annexe to our general terms and conditions. This document may be used to to inform us of usage of your right to refusal. 


You will find the postage price list in order to help you estimate return cost on this website


Your right of refusal cannot be used for the contracts of goods made specifically on demand of the customer (made to measure) or which have been expressly personalized.


13.Customer data base

In application of the 78-17 law from the 6th January 1978 in accordance to freedom and data – you have the right to access all information held on you and have it rectified if incorrect.

All litigation will be subject to French Law.


14. Order analysis systems (detecting fraud)

The information of orders are all treated and processed automatically. This is so as we can fight against fraud and fraudulous usage of credit cards.

The Web Shop only receives information in accordance to your orders. This information is not transmitted to third parties.

If we incur nonpayment due to fraudulous usage of a bank card this information shall be transmitted. Untrue declarations will also be reported and information passed on to competent authorities.

In application of the 78-17 law from the 6th January 1978 in accordance to freedom and data – you have the right to access all information held on you and have it rectified if incorrect.